About our LED Neon signs...


Unlike conventional neon signs which are made from glass tubes containing argon gas and mercury that are harmful and dangerous; our LED Neon Signs are made from LED strip lights which do not overheat and are shatterproof, therefore they are pet and child friendly.

Our LED Neon Signs are made from a lightweight and durable acrylic base, making them easy and portable for transport. They are lighter than traditional glass neon tubes and therefore a perfect display companion for gigs and functions.


Our LED neon signs are quiet even during operation (they do not buzz at all). Perfect for use as mood lighting in bedrooms and offices.



No electrician required. Simply mount your LED Neon Sign on a wall with hanging studs (provided), plug it to a power outlet and your new LED Neon Sign is ready to shine!



Apart from a brighter illumination, our LED Neon Signs consume 90% less energy throughout the longer average lifespan than conventional neon signs. Plus you do not need to worry about any service and maintenance costs.

All our products come with a one-year warranty. Subject to reasonable use and installation.

Unless specifically requested, our LED Neon signs are not made waterproof, hence please ensure the signs are kept out of reach from any water and moisture contacts during any outdoor use. Please only store the signs in dry places when not in use.